The Swiss Motorway vignette

Toll vignette in Switzerland The toll vignette was introduced in Switzerland in 1985. Between 1985 to 1994 the price was CHF 30.- and since 1995 it has been CHF 40.- a year. Obviously, the price in Euros depends on the rate of exchange.
In 2010 the toll vignette contributed about € 230 million to the Swiss government.The toll vignette is valid for 14 months from 1 December to 31 January a year later. The vignette has to be stuck to the windscreen in order to make control easier to show whether payments have been made or not.
In Switzerland only year vignettes are for sale. The toll vignette must be glued like a sticker, no other way is allowed.
Especially at the borders this is being checked. Any person who uses a toll road without a vignette risks a fine of CHF 200.- plus the purchase price of a vignette.