For 2018 I introduced a some changes in maps for vignets for Austria, Slovenia en Czech Republic. The change consists in maps for “new vignets without date”, “new vignets with date” and “used vignets” now.


The very new Swiss, Austrian and Slovenian vignet for 2018.


Today the 17th of november I reached the target of 1500 Swiss vignettes for this year. More particular I reached the target with a 2017-vignet with serialnumber C 0282299 in excellent condition. A five star! And now up to 2000 vignettes.


Once inside the building I could take some pictures of the private collection of emitted vignettes in the past. Yes indeed, also the Oberzolldirektion collects vignettes. They do so to keep an eye on the colors used in the past. Colors are changing every year and here on this special wall it is immediately clear which colors has been used up till now.

A quick shot just before going inside.


Shortly I have been able to catch these unused Umweltplakette.



57263423-vac0232251va The very new Swiss, Austrian and Slovenian vignet for 2017.

c1070477va-autobahnvignet-1000Today the 18th of october 2016 I added my 1000th used Swiss motorway vignette to my collection. This item has the Serial number C 1070477. Let’s go for 1500!


imagePatrick van der Woude at the Directorate General of Customs in Bern.


!cid_D8ED9AA1-F760-4B1E-98ED-BBE529EE79AA@dynamic_ziggoPatrick van der Woude together with Mr. B. Rohner of Directorate General of Customs in Bern.


!cid_093D021A-C0DB-46BD-A094-F04BB7553600@dynamic_ziggo goed

Roland Hirter 2014 IntervieuwPatrick van der Woude together with Mr. R. Hirter in Bern. Designer of the Swiss motorway vignette.

In 2013 in Switzerland a referendum was held in the context of the price increase of the motorway vignette from CHF 40,00 to CHF 100,00. There was a lot of media attention for this referendum. I also was involved in an item about this subject made for the 20:00 o’clock news of the Swiss Italian Television on the 26th October 2013. This particular transmission you will find under the YouTube button at the top of this site.

In that same 20:00 o’clock news the designer of the Swiss motorway vignette showed in an interview the final design of 2014 motorway vignette to the Swiss. During my visit in Bern Mr. Hirter was pleased to hand me over that particular vignette. That I could add this vignette to my collection was a special moment.